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The main business of "Lidao New Material" is to provide high-end color coated aluminum, welded honeycomb board and other new materials for rail transit, new energy vehicles, military industry, petrochemical, shipping, construction, industry, food packaging and other industries. High-quality raw materials, professional equipment, mature technology and careful operation, create excellent quality, become high-speed rail at home and abroad, new energy vehicles, oil tanks, food packaging and special vehicles industry choice.



Rail Transportation Industry (high speed rail and subway)

Rail Traffic

  • Rail transit floor

    Rail transit floor

  • Rail transit gate

    Rail transit gate

  • Subway high speed door plank

    Subway high speed door plank

China has become the world's most comprehensive high-speed railway system technology, the strongest integration capacity, the longest operating mileage, the highest operating speed, the largest country under construction. The development of high-speed railway will have far-reaching significance and influence in China's sustainable development strategy facing the 21st century.
Welded honeycomb panel is characterized by light weight, high strength, fire protection, seismic resistance, sound insulation and recyclable. Aluminum honeycomb panel has become an ideal material for sidewall panel, roof panel, driver's compartment wall, car body floor, door panel and other car body parts of high-speed railway. The rapid development of transportation provides a solid foundation.

New Energy Vehicle Industry

New Energy Vehicle

  • New energy vehicle battery cover

    New energy vehicle battery cover

  • Battery box for new energy vehicle

    Battery box for new energy vehicle

In the global automobile industry is facing the development trend of low-carbon, electric and intelligent, new energy automobile industry chain enterprises at all levels are seeking innovation and transformation, looking for cooperation and win-win. Domestic demand for new energy buses is also growing, urban public transport, enterprise vehicles, commercial vehicles and so on.
Welded honeycomb composite board, with the characteristics of light weight, high strength and fire prevention, has become an ideal material for the body parts of new energy bus, such as side wall panel, car body roof, car rear cover, car interior panel battery compartment cover, door panel and so on, providing a strong guarantee for the new energy vehicle industry.

Military Industry

Military Industry

Material technology, as one of the most critical areas in the national science and technology development plan, together with information technology, biotechnology and energy technology, is recognized as the high-tech which is the overall situation in the present society and for a long time to come. It is also the most important material foundation of a country's national defense capability.
Welded honeycomb composite board is widely used in barracks, cabins, gas transport tanks, etc. of elite troops for its characteristics of "light weight", "high strength", "fire prevention" and "sound insulation".

Petrochemical Industry

Petrochemical Industry

With the rapid economic growth in China, the demand for various oil and gas resources is increasing, and the scale of oil depots is gradually increasing. Safety design of large oil storage tank area has also been paid more and more attention. Therefore, it is very important to strengthen the safety design of the oil storage tank area of large oil depot.
Welded honeycomb composite plate, with the characteristics of light weight, high strength and lightning protection, has become an ideal material for floating roof and reticulated shell of oil tank. Effective solution to the problem of floating tray sinking, structural collapse, oil and gas volatilization and so on.

The Ship

The Ship

Hull loading is an important part of the ship, and it is the work and living place of the ship's crew. Once a fire occurs in the traditional internal loading, the consequences can not be imagined, which will bring huge losses to the property and safety of the crew. Therefore, the selection of decorative materials in ships is of great significance.
Welding honeycomb board will make the fire protection performance of the cabin of the ship reach a new height, realize the non-combustible, non-harmful substance volatilization, smoke-free poison of the interior panel products, and make the top, floor and end panel fire-resistant for 45 minutes to protect the lives of passengers. Aluminum honeycomb panel prolongs the life cycle of interior decoration products and ships, greatly shortens the maintenance cycle of interior decoration board and reduces the cost of ship maintenance.

Furniture Cabinet

Furniture cabinet

  • Yellow pear

    Yellow pear

  • Sand surface Su Xiangtong

    Sand surface Su Xiangtong

  • Red cherry

    Red cherry

  • Subtropical white

    Subtropical white

  • A Manchurian Ash

    A Manchurian Ash

For the modern furniture industry with strict environmental protection requirements, the promotion and use of welded honeycomb panel materials in furniture manufacturing industry is a good material choice in the new century. Its completely non-toxic green quality, furniture manufacturers in the processing of furniture, but also less unnecessary environmental protection procedures, is increasingly being encouraged and supported by governments around the world It has already appeared encouraging situation in popularization and application, and has very broad market prospect of industrialization.
Welded honeycomb panels are used in panel furniture, wood products processing, integral cabinets, partition accessories and other products, with the advantages of light weight, not easy to deformation, easy to transport. It has a high economic value and can be recycled. At the same time, it can save a large number of forest resources, protect and improve the ecological environment. It is a new type of environmental protection material in line with the development theme of the 21st century.
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